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Nico Schliemann



Nico Schliemann wurde bekannt als Gitarrist bei Glasperlenspiel. Zudem spielt er bei Jenny Marsala, Cinematic, the nightLIVE band und dem Trio der Liebe. Der Familienvater leistet tagtäglich ein unglaubliches Pensum ab. Er arbeitet vor allem als Live- und Studiogitarrist, ist aber nebenbei auch als Produktvorführer, Workshopleiter, Gitarrenlehrer und für Notensatztätigkeiten bei Verlagen aktiv.

Was er sagt:

„so, this will be a major step for me personally;)
people over time asked me a lot about my music, when or if i will have a CD or album out. and yes, i do work on my own stuff, but i’m never confident with it, always think it’s not finished yet and for the worst part, i’m a panifully slow worker, when it comes to my own stuff (recording and playing a lot of other stuff). but, during a tour this winter / spring i had the opportunity to get drums on two of my tracks. and now i decided to just fucking release the damn thing!!!….

special thanks go out to Roland Rischer, it was his studio, where the drums were recorded. he has a nice small studio, he’s a guitar player and collector too (has very much lovely stuff in his man cave), is a music lover and appreciator and overall a very cool hang“